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Welcome to Kerrah

Profit-a-bull excellence

Here at Kerrah, we pride ourselves on producing bulls that are a balanced package to our clients, consisting of calving ease, high rate of weight gain, easy finishing, good doing cattle, true to the dual purpose origin of the breed.


About Us

Kerrah Simmentals is New Zealand's largest, and one of the leading, gene pools of fully recorded Simmentals. The breeding program is focused on selecting animals that perform in a difficult climate, in a commercially run and focused operation. Selection is based around docility, structure and balanced breeding values.  We are focused on producing cattle that will deliver a live calf, rapid growth and be easily finished before their second winter on pasture.



We are delighted to be able to bring you a selection of Neogen 100K tested polled bulls for sale - guaranteeing parentage, stipulating bulls homozygous for the polled gene and bulls free from the dilution gene

Kerrah Simmental catalogue

Sale catalogue

Kerrah holds an annual R2 bull sale in mid May. View our most updated Sale catalogue and sale information here.

Kerrah Bulls

Bulls for Sale

We breed enough bulls to ensure we will always have some available, no matter the season. Check out our current selection 

Crumpy Simmental

Semen for Sale

Check out the semen packages we have currently available, or enquire for further options

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