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Semen for Sale

Kerrah Simmentals recognises the importance of the dairy sourced beef to the beef industry and offer proven calving ease sires. We know how important gestation and calving ease are to the profitability of the dairy farmer and the need for the crossbred calf to grow and fatten for the finisher. The sires we offer are proven calving ease sires each with different strengths. 

Listed below are the Bulls we have semen packages readily available. For more options please get in contact. 



Glenside Crumpy


Proven calving ease and allround performance on the NZ beef and lamb progeny test.

Kerrah Jackpot


Jackpot, homo polled, non diluter, good structure and performance.

Kerrah Defender


 Top end 600 day growth, exceptional carcass traits and exceptional phenotype. Real power and growth

Kerrah Dazzler


Phenotypically very good, daughters have real good constitution.

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